Ferry from Rovinj to Venice 2023 Guide

Ferry from Rovinj to Venice

Ferry from Rovinj to Venice 2023 Guide

Rovinj is one of Croatian hot spots, therefore many travelers come and explore this wonderful place. Often, visitors that come to Croatia ask me how to take ferry from Rovinj to Venice? That’s a logical question since Venice is really not too far from Rovinj. I also believe that it is a good idea to get to Venice by ferry from Rovinj. After all, Venice is the Queen of the Adriatic and it deserves your visit for sure!

Hence I get this question on my blog. I have been to boths towns and I can help you with the answers. Sometimes it’s not easy to repeat the same information all the time. Therefore, I am putting this information together to help you dear traveler! I promise that I will try to be as concise as much as I can. I do this in order to give you a right and distilled information that will save your time.

Table of content:

1. Voyage map

2. Catamaran Ferry from Rovinj to Venice

3. Departure point of ferry from Rovinj to Venice

4. Arrival point in Venice

4. FAQ

1. Voyage map

2. Catamaran Ferry from Rovinj to Venice

Catamaran Ferry is the best option when we speak about transfers to Rovinj to Venice. It departs from the port of Rovinj and it takes passengers to Venice. Port of Rovinj is located in the downtown area.

There are two companies operating these ferry services and these companies are:

1. Venezia Lines

2. Kompas

As for the luggage is being concerned, you can leave it on the racks that are available once you board the catamaran. So, luggage is not a concern at all. There are two companies providing this catamaran service, and those companies are: Venezia Lines and Kompas. Catamaran quality and size is about the same. Price is the similar too: 71 to 92 Euro, depending on the season (one way). Each catamaran holds a maximum of 400 passengers.

Venezia Line is the main ferry provider for ferry from Rovinj to Venice.
Venzia Line ferry departs every day from April until October.

Venezia Lines – Venezia Lines is a high speed ferry operator, Operating in the North Adriatic, Venezia Lines links the North Adriatic’s coasts of Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. To date Venezia Lines has carried in excess of 1 million passengers between Venice and the Northern Coast of Croatia and Slovenia. Here is booking website where you can see the catamaran schedules and prices. Use the same page for booking.

Kompas – Kompas has more than 60 years experience in the travel industry. They offer a variety of services such as transfers in Croatia and ferries transportations between Italy and Croatia. Finally, here is a website website where you can see Kompas ferry schedules and prices. Use the same page for booking.

3. Departure point of ferry from Rovinj to Venice

Also, these companies meet their passengers on different places in port of Rovinj:

Venezia Lines – their ferry passengers meet on the Pier of Mala Valdibora. Here is the exact Google location of the Mala Valdibora in Rovinj.

Kompas – their ferry passengers meet on Rovinj Ferry Terminal. Here is the exact Google location of the Rovinj Ferry Terminal.

Gondola ride near St. Mark's Square in Venice. Ferry from Rovinj takes you to Venice where you must try it!
Gondola ride with my friends in Venice. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s definitely a must do thing!

4. Arrival point in Venice

Ferry from Rovinj arrives to Ferry Terminal Basilio in Venice. This pier is within walking distance from town center, hence you can either walk or take vaporetto to city center. Definitely, a perfect spot, don’t let those gondolas wait for you any longer!

4. FAQ

Do I need to bring documents to Venice ferry?

This is a cross border route. Please ensure that you have all your travel documents in order.

How long is the ferry ride from Rovinj to Venice?

Ferry ride from Rovinj to Venice lasts for approximately 5 hours with Venezia Lines and approximately 3 hours with Kompas.

What is Rovinj to Venice ferry timetable?

Herewith you will find enclosed timetable of Rovinj to Venice ferries in 2023.

What is Rovinj to Venice ticket cost?

Prices of the ferries that connect Rovinj to Venice vary, depending on the season. Cost for the foot passenger is 71 to 92 Euro depending on a season.

How do I book Rovinj to Venice ferry tickets?

Both companies (Venezia Lines and Kompas) offer pretty much the similar ferry service to from Rovinj to Venice. Easisest way is to book the tickets online by using the links from this article. After all, this is definitely more convenient way of booking and you will skip the lines. Also, you will avoid disappointment of trying to embark the full ferry with no tickets.

How does the interior of Rovinj to Venice ferry look like?

Comfortable interior of Venezia Line Ferries provides fantastic ferry from Rovinj to Venice ride.

There are comfortable airline seats in the ferry.

Do the ferries from Rovinj to Venice have AC and toilets?

Yes, ferries from Rovinj to Venice have AC and the toilets. Also, there are sockets on the ferry where you can plug in and charge your smartphones.

Can you get ferry from Croatia to Venice?

Ferry from Rovinj to Split is a great way of connecting two cities.

Yes! Ferries connect Venice to five Croatian towns. Those towns are Umag, Pula, Rovinj, Poreč, Mali Lošinj, Rabac.

Conclusion – All right dear reader! I hope that I’ve posted some useful information here, information that might help you to organize your journey from Rovinj to Venice. If you have some questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I will gladly reply! Finally, I wish you a wonderful holiday in Croatia!

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