Split to Hvar Ferry and Catamaran 2023 Guide

Split to Hvar Ferry and Catamaran 2024 Guide

1. Ferries from Split to Hvar

2. Split to Hvar by catamaran

3. Reaching Hvar by private boat

4. FAQ

Jadrolinija ferry in the port of Split
Ferry port in Stari Grad is the main port on Hvar island
Ferry port in Stari Grad

2. Split to Hvar by catamaran

Krilo catamaran is connecting Split to Hvar town
Krilo catamaran

Hvar town is the main tourist attraction on the island of Hvar

3. Reaching Hvar by private boat

4. FAQ

How do I take Split to Hvar ferry?

How long is the ferry ride from Split to Hvar?

What is Split to Hvar ferry timetable?

What is Split to Hvar cost of ferries?

How do I book Split to Hvar ferry tickets?

8 thoughts on “Split to Hvar Ferry and Catamaran 2023 Guide”

  1. Hi, easyJet flight allows suitcases of 23kgs but you say ferry only accepts suitcases up to 20kgs? How do we overcome this?

    1. Hello Bill,
      thank you for your inquiry. 23kg suitcases are fine. I called
      all the ferry companies and they confirmed that you can bring on
      your luggage on the catamaran.
      They will also update their online information accordingly.
      Best regards

  2. Hello, we have a lot of luggage with us. 2x big suitcases and 2x cabin size suitcases along with an infant who will be in a pushchair. Is this amount of luggage allowed? What is the additional luggage fee if not?

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Emma,

      I hope all is well. Thank you for your inquiry. Catamaran and ferry
      companies in Croatia allow 1 big suitcase per person to be boarded on their vessels.
      Weight limit is 20 kilos per suitcase.

      So, you can board and leave those 2 big suitcases on the racks.
      Once you enter the gangway you will see the racks right there.

      Cabin size suitcases are like carry ons, no worries there, so you can put them under
      your seats. Pushchair can be folded, I am sure that the crew will do
      their best to accommodate.

      There is no additional cost for additional luggage.

      So, you are all covered!

      Best regards


  3. Hello
    The information was very clear and useful, thank you.
    One thing I would like to ask: can you take a dog on the catamarans Split – Hvar town? My dog is medium sized ( 24 kilos)
    I hope you can help
    Thank you

    1. Hello Lynn,
      I hope all is well. I just contacted ferry providers in regards to your inquiry.
      They answered my call and said that they have a box (cage) on the bow of the catamaran (outside).
      That cage is there for the dogs. All companies charge the ticket for the dog.
      Jadrolinija stated that they charge 50% of the passengers ticket, Krilo charges full amount.
      I hope this helps
      Best regards

  4. Lisa G Nungesser

    We are planning on a visit to Hvar. One of us uses a walker or wheelchair. Are the ferries handicapped accessible? What is your advice? Thank you

    1. Hello Lisa,

      I hope all is well. Only one ferry has a lift, and that’s a ferry
      that connects Split to Stari Grad (port on the north side of the
      island of Hvar). The name of this ferry is Faros.

      If you want to take a catamaran from Split to Hvar Town
      (on Hvar island), please note that these catamarans have no
      lifts. They use ramps to board passengers. So, you could push
      the wheelchair up to the catamaran entrance and then store the
      wheelchair and your co-traveler could enjoy the ride.

      Please let me know should you have some more questions.

      Best regards


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