Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

Rastoke in Slunj

After the visit of Rastoke in Slunj, I decided to drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park. Before I left Rastoke, I took some additional pictures of this site.

Rastoke watermills
Slunjcica river
Slunjcica waterfall

Barac Caves

On the way to Plitvice I meandered a little bit and I turned left in Rakovica village, 18 km from Slunj. My plan was to visit Barac caves, and I detoured additional 10 km off the main road.  If had checked the calendar I would have known that the caves were closed! They were due to open only on the 1st of April,  just a couple of days after my arrival! However, I did not allow this unfortunate fact to have impact on my good mood.

I walked around the caves took some photos and I promised myself that I would definitely come back to explore the caves.

Barac caves – surrounding area
Entrance of the caves
Surrounding area of the caves
Barac caves – information poster

I drove back to the main road in Rakovica and I continued to drive to Plitvice lakes. It took me only 10 minutes to reach Plitvice Lakes from Rakovica (13 km drive). And that was a sight to see!

I entered Plitvice Lakes national park in Entrance nr. 1, coming from Zagreb direction. Over there, there were many East Asian groups that were entering the park. I entered as well and reached the Great Waterfall on the lower Plitvice Lakes. This is actually Plitvice river that comes down to the last of the lakes – Novakovica Brod.

Map of Plitvice Lakes
Great waterfall on Plitvice Lakes – highest waterfall in Croatia (78 meters)
Selfie on a Great Waterfall
Great Waterfall – different angle
Great Waterfall – different angle

After a long day I was tired and I drove to Korenica (20 km from the Plitvice Lakes) to Macola hotel to have some rest. I planned to continue my tour exploration of the Plitvice Lakes the next day. More to follow….

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