Plitvice Lakes National Park at its best

Lower Plitvice Lakes morning visit

After I’ve spent a night in Hotel Macola (Korenica), it was time to drive back to Plitvice Lakes. Stay at Macola’s was OK, but it was time to move on. I entered the national park shortly after 8:00am (entrance nr 2.) and I was pretty much the first person there.

This is the oldest national park of Croatia. It became a national park in 1949. It is a unique area where there is a possibility to visit the system of 16 lakes that are connected with waterfalls. Therefore, this is one of the most beautiful travertine structures I have ever seen!

Map of Plitvice Lakes

Since the electric boats were not operating at that time, I decided to walk along the largest lake (Kozjak lake). Maybe I should have waited for the boats to start with the operation 🙂 I have opted to walk to the other side of the lake in order to visit lower Plitvice Lakes.

Station for the electric boats
Kozjak lake

I have reached the lower lakes after 50 minutes of walking experience in the cold morning weather (-4 C). But it was well worth it. Lower lakes are located in the limestone canyon (Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluđerovac and Novakovića Brod).

Plitvice Lakes
Supljara cave – Kalduđerovac lake
Plitvice Lakes
Milka Trnina waterfalls
Plitvice Lakes
Veliki Slap – highest waterfall in Croatia (78 meters high)
Plitvice Lakes
Panoramic picture of Veliki Slap waterfall, Sastavci cascades and the spring of Korana river at the bottom

Visit of the upper lakes

On the way back across the lake I took electric boat from P3 to P2 station in order to visit the upper lakes. Since I’ve done so, I had witnessed the views that are really unique and breathtaking!

Plitvice Lakes
Veliki Prštavac waterfall
Plitvice Lakes
Okrugljak lake
Plitvice Lakes
Mali Prštavac waterfall

Often I get the questions about different tours that go to Plitvice Lakes. Sometimes people ask whether is it better to come during the main season or out of season. However – I can just say: “Stop reading and watching – it is time to visit Plitvice Lakes!”.

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